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2023 GREGoR Consortium Grant Awardees

The GREGoR Consortium is pleased to announce the first annual GREGoR Research Grant awards and the Deborah Nickerson memorial awards to support workforce diversity in genomics research.

The Research Grant awardees are:

  1. Dr. Bo Xia - “Comprehensive in silico functional characterization of non-coding variants via machine learning-based chromatin organization prediction"
  2. Dr. Yang Li - "Novel methods to facilitate identification and visualization of aberrant splicing associated with rare human disease"
  3. Dr. Kinga Bujakowska - "Investigating the role of rare variants of unknown significance on aberrant splicing"

The Deborah Nickerson memorial awardees to support workforce diversity in genomics research are:

  1. Claire Kittock - educational award
  2. Jordan Velez-Bomba - educational award
  3. Dr. Lorena Orozco - educational award
  4. Dr. Goknur Haliloglu - professional development award

The main intention for the Consortium’s Grant Opportunities is to bring in needed expertise not currently represented within the Consortium. The primary aim for the use of these funds is to support small-to-medium scale projects with a well-defined scope that will complement our ongoing efforts to develop novel approaches to identify candidate variants/genes underlying rare genetic diseases and phenotypes, particularly those that remain unsolved following whole exome sequencing.

Another aim for the funds is to support an increase in workforce diversity in genomic research, in memory of our colleague Dr. Deborah A. Nickerson.

We thank all of the scientists who submitted a letter of intent or an application. We also thank the external scientific reviewers and the GREGoR Consortium Members who contributed to the process of creating, reviewing and providing input for this award cycle. 

The next award cycle will open in Fall 2023. Please visit the GREGoR Grant Opportunities webpage for more information.