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GREGoR Data Model

GREGoR Consortium members contribute clinical and phenotype information as well as molecular data ranging from genomic sequences to gene or protein expression data and functional assay results. This Consortium-generated data is shared across the Research Centers of the Consortium and will be made available to the scientific community via the AnVIL platform

The Data Standards & Analysis Working Group develops and maintains the GREGoR Consortium Data Model to support data analysis by simplifying the process of merging data across workspaces for joint analysis. All data uploaded to GREGoR Consortium workspaces on AnVIL will conform to the Consortium Data Model.

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The Consortium Data Model has been designed to reflect the relationships between families, participants, and molecular sequencing data in the GREGoR Consortium (see the GREGoR Identifiers Diagram below). It is expanded over time through a process of versioned releases.GREGoR Identifiers Diagram