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Consortium Structure

The Consortium is supported by the leadership of the NHGRI Program Directors. An External Scientific Panel (ESP) is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the progress of the Consortium, and providing recommendations and advice to NHGRI. ESP members are senior scientists with relevant expertise who are not PIs in the Consortium.

The Consortium’s Steering Committee, its main governing body, is open to all GREGoR Consortium members and meets monthly to discuss Consortium planning and priorities. The GREGoR Consortium includes the following Committees and Working Groups:

Steering Committee (SC)
Opportunity Fund (OF) Sub-Committee
Data Standards & Analysis Working Group (WG)
Functional Validation, Omics and New Technology (FONT) Working Group (WG)
Functional Validation & Variant to Function (V2F) Sub-Working Group (Sub-WG)
New Technologies Sub-Working Group (Sub-WG)
Policy Working Group (WG)