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GREGoR Consortium Core Membership Policy

This Policy defines eligibility, benefits, and responsibilities of membership in the GREGoR Consortium.

GREGoR Consortium Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct establishes general expectations for GREGoR Consortium members.

Investigator Collaboration Agreement

To achieve consistency and transparency across Centers, the Investigator Collaboration Agreement is to be used by Research Centers as they establish new or renew existing relationships with collaborators. The agreement describes benefits, expectations, and terms of collaboration for the GREGoR Consortium. Research Centers can download this Agreement and adapt it to their needs within the scope of the document. [Downloadable Investigator Collaboration Agreement]

GREGoR Consortium Consent Topics

The GREGoR Policy Working group has compiled guidance for Research Centers and their collaborators as they create or update their informed consent processes. The guidance includes desired consent elements, Consortium needs, related NIH requirements, and example consent language.